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The face behind EcoreThe face behind Ecore.

The inspiration to create Ecore came about after my son was born, I was on maternity leave from my day job and due to head back to work within a few months time.
I wanted to spend time at home with my son as well as make a living to give him the best life I possibly could, creating a happy healthy home, not only for now, but long after I am gone.
I knew this could be achieved in our own home, but that it wouldn’t have much effect on the big picture, I wanted to ignite a passion in others to create healthier homes for their families and doing so would create a positive impact on our planet.

We only have one family, one chance at life, one earth.
Every product on the Ecore website has been handpicked by me. They are products I have used in the past, I currently use or I aim to use in the future.

Ecores main focus is to bring  a core range of eco 100% biodegradable and reusable products to the everyday household, making it an affordable and easy way to reduce waste on our planet, reduce chemical exposure to families and increase a passion for living.